NewbornChronicles: Zara is 1 month!

Conversation with my daughter on September 27, 2015 at 11:30pm:

Me: Zara, daddy and mommy are tired. We were thinking about going to bed a lil earlier tonight. What do you think? ?

Zara: Well, I’m not tired. And…aint mommy already sleep?

Me: That’s besides the point princess. Let’s wind down and get you ready for bed.

(*I got up and turned off the light*)

Zara: *screams* Turn the lights back on. It’s not sleepy time and don’t you start that singing daddy…I’m not ready.

*I turned the light back on and then got her dressed to take pictures. ???. She was cool with it.*

Me: Fine. If we are gonna be up, lets entertain each other. Okay?

Zara: *Looks at the light out the window* Sure. This is gonna be a long night daddy…I promise. ???

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