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In April 2013, I prayed and told God that I was ready to start dating again.  As soon as I thought about who I would want to ask out on a date, God put Sondra on my heart.  Now let me give you a little background on our relationship prior to April 2013.  Sondra and I attended the same college, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, from 2003-2007.  In college, I was dating someone else and but I did know who Sondra was.  I had classified her as one of those “church girls” on campus.  At any rate, we were just associates.  I vaguely remember taking a few classes with her, but at that time, I had my blinders on because I am a one-woman type of guy.  Who knew that my future wife was sitting in the same Sociology class with me?

In 2012, I started visiting New Life Covenant Church. While visiting New Life, I would see Sondra and we would always speak to each other. She was a familiar face and she had a very welcoming spirit.  At some point, we exchanged numbers.  So in April 2013, when I told God that I wanted to start dating, Sondra’s number was already in my phone. Weird right? LOL. After contemplating whether to text her and face the possibility of rejection, I texted Sondra on a Monday afternoon and told her that we should “hang out” soon.  This was my way of asking her on a date.  She agreed to “hang out” with me, and we scheduled a dinner and movie date for the following day.  Prior to my text, I had no reason to believe that Sondra was even interested in me like that.  However, I knew that everything was lining up for a reason, and I was just going to take her out and see what happened.


We met up at the ShowPlace ICON Theatre and grabbed something quick to eat before the movie.  I remember she order the mini-turkey burger sandwiches and I ordered a chicken sandwich, that came with grapes. I remember it came with grapes because I was salty they didn’t serve French fries. Lol.  Anywho, the initial conversation was just your usual “catching up” type of conversation.  We talked about our graduate school experiences and what we were currently doing in our careers.  We also talked about our weight loss goals, and our future endeavors. It was a great conversation and I was feeling the chemistry. After eating, we went to see Tyler Perry’s film, “Temptation”. Now this was a risqué choice for a first date movie, but I had already seen it and I figured she would have liked to see it as well.

After the movie, we had the BEST conversation.  We talked for 3 hours and they eventually started cutting the lights off in the place, which meant we had shut the theatre down on a Tuesday night.  I walked her to her car, gave her hug, and stood there wishing we had more time to spend. Now what happens next is the kicker…I got home, texted her and told her that I had a great time and how we should do it again.  She responded stating she had also had a great time and confirmed that we should hang out again.  Then I didn’t call her again for 6 months.  Don’t ask me why, because that’s an even longer story, but just know that I had my reasons. I knew that if I wasn’t going to be serious with her, then she wasn’t the type of woman to play with.  During that six-month period, I would still see her at Bible Study and we would engage in small talk, but I never called her about going out again.


In October 2013, after Facebook stalking Sondra and seeing that she was still single, I began to “Facebook Flirt”.  LOL.  Yes, “Facebook flirting” is a real thing. I started strategically commenting on her posts, liking all of her pictures, and showing her that I was interested again.  Now, this probably puzzled my sweetheart, but I knew that I wanted to experience that same feeling I felt in April on our first date again.  In addition, I wanted to give her another opportunity to show me that she knew how to have fun.  She always seemed so serious. I needed to see her personality more. After a few weeks, my Facebook flirting worked! Sondra responded with a little bit of Facebook flirting herself.


In early November 2013, we planned to hang out again.  Prior to the date, I told God that if He wanted us to be together, He needed to tell me and tell me fast.  The second date was a 5 hour brunch, in which I prepared a meal for her.  The date was epic! In my opinion, Murphy’s law happened! Everything that could have went wrong, went wrong.  But somehow, she managed to make me feel like she had the best time in the world.  It was during that second date that I realized I really really liked her.  After the second date, I knew I wanted to get to know her more.

Two weeks into the “talking” phase, I told God that I was getting attached and that He needed to give me a clear sign that Sondra was my wife. That same weekend, after we had a heated discussion that I would later find out was all my fault, we prayed together.  When Sondra prayed for me, my spirit responded, “She is the one. She is the one. This is what you have been praying for.”  From that day forward, I knew she was my wife.


On November 23, 2013, I asked Sondra did she want to be my girlfriend, and she stated rather emphatically, YES! Four and a half months later, after falling madly in love with the woman of my prayers, on April 12, 2014, I asked her to be my wife, and she again answered in the affirmative.  YES! 364 days after beginning our courtship and only 7 months after proposing, on November 22, 2014, I married my bestfriend and queen.  To God be the GLORY!!