About Us

Jerome Taylor is a Husband, Father, Attorney, Minister, Choreographer, Blogger and self-pro claimed Chef. While he wears many hats, his main priority is loving his beautiful wife and daughter.  His energy is contagious, and his desire to live life abundantly has helped him accomplish many things despite his small beginnings.

Growing up in the inner city projects on the far Southside of Chicago, Illinois, Jerome dreamed of a day where he did not live in poverty. His father was murdered when he was two years old, and his mother, a high school graduate and single parent of eight children, had her own struggles with verbal, physical and drug abuse. At the age of 13, Jerome made the conscious decision to move with his grandmother.

Even at a young age, Jerome valued peace.  After living through years of dysfunction, fear and anxiety, Jerome knew that was the opposite way of how he wanted to live his life.  While living with his grandmother, Jerome received the attention, love and care that he needed. He was already a straight A student and his grandmother only had one real requirement – that he attend church on Sundays.  Although he rebelled initially, the love of God saturated Jerome’s heart and he was filled with the holy spirit at the age of 17.  At that point, Jerome knew that he was called to ministry and that his past pain and hurts were going to be used by God to restore someone else’s faith.

From college to law school, and then conquering the Illinois bar exam, the only constants in Jerome’s life were God, and the support from his family and friends. Many people poured into Jerome throughout his life and he really has a heart to see people live their best life. TaylorMadeLove is an avenue that Jerome and his wife use to promote family, encourage marriages and healthy relationships, and provide a Godly example of a dysfunction free relationship.

Sondra Taylor is a Wife, Mother, Minister, Social Worker, Program Manager and Blogger.  She loves to serve and help others follow their passions in life.  She is a firm believer in doing things in order and living a God-centered life.  She is a leader among her peers and considered wise counsel by many. Whether it is serving, preaching, teaching, prophesying or healing, Sondra is an open vessel for the Lord to use. God has gifted her with wisdom, faith and the gift of service.

As the eldest and only daughter of a Pastor, Sondra has been a follower of Christ since the age of 5.  By the age of 13, Sondra knew she was called to ministry. While seeking God, Sondra started having dreams of God using her to heal, deliver and prophesy to others. Although she really loves God and serving in her father’s ministry, there were many times that she tried to escape being the “church girl”. Sondra wanted to “fit in” with her peers, but it never worked. Her supernatural encounters with God have always reminded her that she was called to be different.

Through TaylorMadeLove, Sondra’s relationship experiences prior to marrying her amazing husband, as well as her objective perspective, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Social Work, uniquely qualify her to provide relationship advice and coach other in having healthy relationships.