5 Ways to Live Your Best Life

It’s never too late to start living your best life.

I always say and tell people that because I firmly believe it. Our power to make choices in our lives and the results of those choices ultimately determine how we feel about our existence. Our happiness, whether we believe it or not, has more to do with the choices that we make than other people or things that may be negatively affecting our lives. Although that may seem obvious, I see a lot of people complaining about their situations on social media and most of the time, in my mind, it’s an easy fix – Take control of your life and start living.

Here are 5 ways that I have learned to live my best life:

1. Spend some time alone to figure out who you are and what you value.

It’s really hard to live your best life if you do not know who you are and what you value. Without knowing who you are and what you value, how can you measure or determine if you are living your best life? In this day and age, it’s difficult to assess our own lives because we have so much access to other people’s lives i.e. social media. Many of us are constantly comparing our lives with what we see online when we haven’t spent the necessary time to figure out who we are.

What are your core values? What things in your life make you feel accomplished? What makes you feel good about yourself? What goals do you want to set for your future? What areas in your life do you want to improve? Where are you emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and how can you grow in the areas where you feel there you are lacking? Those are some of the questions that I asked myself as I searched the depths of my soul to learn who I was and what I valued. I had hit rock bottom in my life…at least that is how it felt and started trying to figure out who I was. My identity wasn’t firmly rooted how it is now, and I was just letting life happen to me. I lived aimlessly, which is the opposite of living your best life. With spending some alone time with God, I assessed each area of my life and have continued to work at being the best me that I can be.

Marriage, financial stability, career success, growth and maturity in God, to become a father…those are all things that I prayed for years ago. And now that I am walking in a season where I have everything that I prayed for, I can now look back on my journey to get here and see that my choices and God’s favor that carried me along the way. My season of isolation allowed me to learn who I was and helped me figure out my path to growth and maturity several areas of my life.

2. Prioritize your health.

Your health should be more important to you than it is to anybody else. It is your job to make sure that you are healthy in every area of your life. Are you physically healthy? Are your finances healthy? Are your relationships with your family and friends healthy? Are your emotions in order? Taking care of your health is a vital part of living your best life.

3. Set goals and develop plans to achieve them.

Progress is not stagnant. In living your best life, setting goals and developing plans to achieve your goals is a constant cycle. As you grow in your understanding of who you are and what you value, the goals you set will change. In order to see the most growth, you have to constantly evaluate and assess your development.

4. Be intentional.

Every choice that you make should be intentional. From your relationship with God, to what you eat, to how much money you spend, to the relationships that you have in your life, to how you maintain your credit score or build it…you have to be intentional to live your best life.

I wanted to buy a house and I knew my credit was terrible. I spent 8 months fixing my credit and working closely with a lender to make sure I could buy a house before I got married. I was intentional about how I spent every dollar, and when it came time to purchase our home, I was able to do it. I set a goal and developed a plan to make my dream come true. You have to actively participate and be intentional if you want to live your best life.

5. Worry about yourself.

I know it sounds selfish, but in order to live your best life, you have to spend time focusing on yourself. My isolation season was when I was single, so I was able to focus on myself without having any other obligations. If you are married, you can communicate with your spouse and block out time to focus on assessing your life.


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